Let mobil streetsoccer bane

Let mobil streetsoccer bane
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Height is 1,0m, colour is white (blue colour +5%). The whole rink system is modular. Each moduls are made of brushed aluminum frame, sizes of profiles are 50/30/2mm. Plastic plates of high resistant polypropylene with UV stabilizer are joined by the rivets on the aluminum construction. Thickness of polypropylene plates is 5mm.The handrails is also made of polypropylene, thickness is 8mm. The stability of rink system provide by strong steel "legs". The each modules are stackable. The each segments are connected by the special connection system of steel legs by the steel screws. Installation is very easy and fast. Protecting nets are all around, height is 1,00m. Supporting rods, cables and joining elements are included Delivery range of one rink: straight pannels 2000 x 1000mm ... 50pcs straight pannels 1000 x 1000mm ... 2pcs supporting steel "legs" ... 48pcs protecting net ... 204m2 net rods ... 52pcs installation screws, net cables, components