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Fiberesin Hi-Density Wall Panels. Prefinished permanent surfaced panel­ized wall system for squash courts.

2. MANUFACTURER Fiberesin Industries, Inc.
P.O. Box 88, Oconomowoc, WI 53066 USA TEL: 414/567-4427, FAX: 414/567-4814


Basic use: Prefinished panels are fabricated for field assembly and attach­ ment to both existing and new construc­ tion. Framing components are deter­ mined by the structural elements of the building.

Limitations:  Use is limited to indoor application. If average humidity exceeds 60%, special provisions must be made to  accommodate lateral expansion of the panels. Dimensional change equals 0.4% in goo F - 90% R.H. for 60 days.

Provisions must also be made to pre­ vent moisture condensation on panel backs.

Composition and materials: The Fiberesin Panel is an engineered mate­ rial molded into flat sheets in a hydraulic press against heated steel plates.

1. The face surface consists of alphacellulose  paper, impregnated with melamine resin. This material becomes transparent in molding and provides soil and wear resistance in addition to a spe­ cial uniform texture for ball grip.

2. The  second  pattern  sheets  are heavy cellulose paper, impregnated with melamine resin. These sheets are usually white for the face and brown for the back.

3. The third and subsequent layers are high strength kraft papers impreg­ nated with phenolic or melamine resins. These sheets provide support, strength and impact resistance.

4. The  center  core  of  the  Ff,s" (38 mm) front wall panel is composed of 3 layers of 621b/cf density particleboard.

Furred Structural Systems: Either wood or steel members are attached to existing walls using the same spacing as the free standing system. Care must be taken to include a vapor barrier and insulation on exterior walls, walls adjoin­ ing wet areas and solid concrete walls subject to moisture.

Attachment of Panels to Court Sus­ pension  Systems: Blind attachment is accomplished on all horizontal panel joints with an H configuration spline which is screw attached to the wall fram­ ing. A flat alignment spline is used on all vertical joints. Supplemental attachment


The extra resin coating on the surface assures a permanently clean surface requiring only an occasional washing with detergent and water. Stubborn rac­ quet  and  shoe  marks  may  require M.E.K. or mineral spirits.


Design assistance is available from the manufacturer or distributor.  Manu­ facturer's fax number is 414/567-4814.

The panel is with a rubber or polyurethane con­struction adhesive plus .100" (2.5 mm) hardboard shim on the face of each framing member. Starter-finisher clips or recessed screws covered with plugs are used at the floor and along panel top edges.

Door System: A Fiberesin panel door system of comparable material is avail­able  in  24-30 and  36"  {610-762 and 914 mm) widths x 78" {1981 mm) high.

Fiberesin Hi-Density Wall Panels meet or exceed all pertinent standards for melamine high­ pressure laminates and all test results as specified in Federal Specifications L-T-0041C­ (GSA-FSS) Type 111. The core boards meet or exceed ANSI A208.0-1979-2M2.

TEST RESULTS: Typical Values. Stain Resistance  Tests:

Panels pass NEMA LD3.1 1985.
Screw Holding Test (direct  screw withdrawal) ASTM D-1037-64:

6. AVAILABILITY AND COST Availability:  Panels and accessories are manufactured in southeast Wiscon­sin USA.  Lead time up to 4 weeks. Panels and accessories are sold and often installed by Fiberesin distributors located worldwide.

Cost: Panels and steel framing is very competitive with masonry materials. Cost varies with labor rates, freight and job conditions. Maintenance is minimal, thus long range cost is favorable in most areas of the world.


Panels are warranted for 10 years to meet  or  exceed  published  specifica­tions in effect at the time of purchase. The warranty includes freedom from defects in materials or workmanship and covers surface imperfections and delamination.

The warranty is conditional upon pan­els being installed and maintained prop­erly in an environment free of wide varia­ tions in temperature and an average humidity not exceeding 60% R.H. The warranty is delivered to the owner upon completion of the project by the installer.

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